December 8, 2023
Wake up wake up.. please
Now’s time for change the day
We do not have any time just for dreaming and catching the blanket
Remember that today is beautiful than you know
Be aware and dont you waste your time
Our future is created on today, our memories will be rising soon
Make a friendship with yourself to better life
You and I, we have the same opportunities
The sun will be greet our spirit, we just looking for arrow
I believe that you can create such a good feels to start all of this
Just prepare ourselves to get a chance. Built as soon as possible!

Seeing for star now, will break our soul , go outside, do not waiting for that !
Many ways that accompany us, to get ready for a new life
Your birds, your orchid, many of your plants take a ready for seeing you on top, however they’re
So lets break our unpossible thinking, just try to make out of the box! Surely.
Fresh air, good place, a cool weather will be yours
Don’t make a blind
Just keep our blessing to God, He will take a lot of increasing
Good morning from here, the top of Tidar

Indah Nurnanningsih
Pondok Pesantren Darun Nun Malang

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