November 29, 2023
Picture: We Jump, We Fly

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oleh: Indah Nurnanningsih

Childhood is the era that we can creat our memories at will. At that time, I remember that I always happy to heard about independent’s day. The activity was improve by every institution to celebrate it. To hook hands up, together in every race or another agenda, included for decorating our environment. The majority of race mainly held for children. But the celebration is for all the society, who loves and respect to this archipelago. Remember to performing instrumental of Indonesia Raya is one of valuable thing at that time, on my 2004. To make a best giving from me, to reliaze the best thing for the meaning of independent as well as we can. We know that attending ceremonial independent’s day is a must in student’s era. But until nowdays, I was enjoy to join the ceremony wether I am not as the student level anymore, wether I am only as a participant, the ordinary one.
In 2015, I can got the opportunity to join the ceremony in the place of devotion, my beautiful Kasembon, after so long time I can’t to do it. No long after that, 1 year later I was join independent’s ceremonial in Sabilurrasyad Boarding School with another santri of Malang. Yes, Special memory. I think so.

From both experience, the question is, why it can be as an obsession of someone?
The obsession may comes from me or may be another people outside. Knowing the situation and the condition now, I do not know how many people who have still the same with this kind of obsession. Perhaps will be a boring activity, tired, for someone else. But another side, someone need to hold the unity, make a better peace to live in this universe. In the schedule of the ceremony, it always be there for the speech about every lesson that can taken by us. Definitely as the strengthness for all.

I will not explain further. I wish better in every scope of my Indonesia. From the age of Indonesia (72), let’s open  mind over and over, also conteplate the meaning of “hubbul wathon minal iman”.


Indah Nurnanningsih
Pondok Pesantren Darun Nun Malang
UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang

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